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Go West Designs Testimonials

I have a bag you made for me a couple years ago. I get compliments all the time! You were so easy and nice to work with! You didn't anything without asking if that was how I wanted it. I tell everyone you can make them just about anything! I hope to get another from you!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping my husband with the designing of my purse! I LOVE it!!! He talked highly of you, saying how patient you were with him and so helpful! You did an amazing job! 

Just put me back in line! Just like a really good ride at Disney World... when it is done, you circle back and get in line again!

Amazing work! After a year of daily use, my purse still looks brand new! Even after falling into a huge red mud puddle during a tornado!

It is so perfect! It fits great in my purse! Also, while traveling, fits well into my laptop bag and tote. The 4 pieces you have made for me over the last few years are my favorites! Thank you for your quality... nothing can compare!

l'm still completely obsessed with this bag!! It's used every single day and when I come home, I put it in a glass case! It's so beyond beautiful and amazing! It's exquisite! I absolutely love it! Thank you for allowing me to share your creativity with the world!

Nancy, just looked at your bags on your site and they truly are knock out cool. I'm a saddle maker, leather guy, sometime bag maker and know what it takes to produce products like yours. Tip of the hat ma'am.

Go West Designs hand made this bag we designed together. I'm positive it will be a conversation piece as the coolest hospital bag ever - a little crocodile & hide!! Embrace the journey and do something for yourself to find joy and peace through all the chaos!!

I figured you had deep western roots as your work has so much rich cowboy culture, and your purses are so intricate and captivating, each having a story of their own! But I have a friend from Wisconsin who says the same thing. Even if you don't know much about the western world, our world sure cherishes your work!!!

Just got home and the purse arrived! It's Crazy Gorgeous can't wait to go out g thank you so much for such impeccable craftsmanship! A stunning Western Masterpiece.

It's arrived!!! And it's even more wonderful in the flesh! Thank you so much Nancy, for making something so special and personal. It will be used and loved every day and treasured for many years. All my friends will want one and Christmas is coming, so….you may be posting a lot more to London!


Thank you



Oh my gosh! It's better than i even imagined!!!!!!! Im so excited! You just made my day! Thank you so much!



Hey Nancy!

Bag arrived in the mail yesterday (that was quick!!) Can't thank you enough, it's beautiful!



Hi Nancy,


I just wanted to follow up to tell you that my purse got to me, and I absolutely love it!! I've gotten so many compliments already, and I've been advertising for you in Texas! ;)


Merry Christmas,



Nancy, You have no idea how much I LOVE it! I'm so excited to carry it. You do a wonderful job! Thanks again for making this for me. 



ps the one you did for Brittney too. The turquoise stitching is really awesome :)

Hi Nancy,


I received my purse today. I am in love. There is no other way to describe it haha. My family and friends love it too so I will be sure to spread the word and those cards! Thanks again :)



My purse Arrived! I LOVE it!!!!!! Thanks again!  



... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my purse!!!





Received the iPad mini pouch today in the mail. it is beautiful; I am sure my granddaughter will love it once she opens up the package. We will be, or rather I will be ordering more items from you in the future. Thank you much.


Armando & Taylor

Hi Nancy... Got the purse and it's fabulous ! Thanks for going into overdrive to get it done!



I am MADLY IN LOVE WITH MY BAG!!!!!! Just EVERYTHING about it!! The craftsmanship to the details is just amazing!!!!!! Love the little coin purse too!!! :) I will be taking your cards with me everywhere!! Especially going to the NFR this year I can't wait I feel like it will just out do anything I wear!!! I will def send you pics!!!


Thank you so much again! You do such beautiful / outstanding / amazing work! Can't keep my hands off of it!


One very happy customer :)


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